Holidays menu

Holidays menu



Special menu 8 and 12 of December at lunchtime

Holidays menu

Special menu 8 and 12 of december
at lunchtime

Holidays menu

9 and 12 October at lunchtime

Tasting starters

Fum Salad

With mayonnaise foam, tender edamame, slices of semi-cured white tuna and black olive powder. With focaccia tiles

Iberian pork

Glazed in soy, ginger and mirin. Cooked at low temperature, with its reduced juice, rocket and on its toast.

Dorada Ceviche in Bao Bread

Two main tasting

First main per person

Seafood Mellow rice.

Second main per person

Old beef cheek with demi-glace

Assortment of homemade desserts

30 €